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Originally Posted by ArcticFox1984 View Post
@darkangle Your hijacking the thread for self promotion of your racket extorting people out of money based on a risk that should not exist.

Your version of reality is very amusing.
from the e-hobby FAQ

When will you receive the order?
We will process the orders once payment has been confirmed. We typically ship out the order within 24 - 48 hours, and for items required modification or tailor-made, it may take up to 5 days for labor.

the word typically.. indicates no promise of service.. your expectations were not reasonable .. and you were under some sort of delusion regarding how fast you should get your article.

the minimum expected delivery should have been 4 days processing +5 days in transit - + 1 day in country delivery = 10 days from order .. minimum

Based on the information provided on the site .. I'd be quite happy with delivery within 14 days

I don't think they made a BS excuse after sitting on your order.. I think they sent a standard warning before actually shipping your item following their typical processing period.
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