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Originally Posted by ArcticFox1984 View Post
@darkangle Your hijacking the thread for self promotion of your racket extorting people out of money based on a risk that should not exist.

Your version of reality is very amusing.
Wow... Just Wow...

I stated that to state my credentials to show you that I have experience in this matter. Nowhere did I Hijack this thread, and it was only brought up after to try to explain to those who DONT have experience that this is what you should expect. I dont even Advertise on ASC as my customers come to me via word of mouth, not baseless internet crap.

If your going to make BS claims like that, such as "Racket Extorting people out of money" you better be able to back it buddy, else that is Slander.

Dispite the fact that you may be right in the matter that It "shouldnt" have to be this way, your attitude has clearly shown that you cant keep your cool over something as simple as an delay/issue or even a simple discussion on the internet.

Your "You wouldnt like me when im angry" comment and your raging on those who try to help you (Rugger and myself) isnt helping you at all. If you keep this up, noone is going to help you in the future, or give you expertese and advice.

You wanna go rage on something, go punch holes in drywall or something. (ASC Reference)

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