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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
The mark of a good retailer is if you get what you ordered in a reasonable amount of time. Expedited shipping is a waste of money if the items is not shipped on the day of order.

Most sites do not say that the item will be shipped on the day of order they quote times of deliver from the date shipped. ( an many people presume that means they get their stuff after x days from ordering.. this is often a fallacy)

if you got your item within 4-5 days after it was shipped then they have met their promise .. even if it took them a week to process your order and ship it, provided there was no promise to ship on the date of order.
Agreed, you get it

My disappointment stemmed from the fact that their reasoning behind the delay was pointless.

I've done alot of business with them and you expect the service to improve with time not get worse.
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