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Originally Posted by sirtaco27 View Post
9. Pr@ct1c1ng y0ur 1337 5k1llZ in y0ur 3p1c backyard, upping your XP @ sh00ting at cardb0ard fr0/\/\ 15ft, 0r ta|< ing y0ur c@t's 3y3 0ut.

10. Bringing a red dot scope or ACOG like CoD4. No lie I was playing and I saw a 14 year old with a red dot.
Acogs arent Red dots. They are magnified optics.

Theres nothing wrong with shooting with red dots or acogs.
Hell, some of my best long distance shots were with Ironsights... on an TM MP5A5... Bone Stock... with an approximate distance of 200-250ft.

Airsoft isnt Real Steel, You cant acheive the distance of real steel, so magnified optics (while they help) are not crucial to your success.
Acogs (being a 3-4x) is actually perfect for airsoft. You dont NEED 12x magnification.

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