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Originally Posted by ArcticFox1984 View Post
not upset, not with you anyway... I edited the OP to clear things up. - intent can be hard to gauge from just a few words: my mistake.

In the words of bruce banner: You wouldn't like me when im angry.
Justifiably so when one pays for a service and is systematically denied said service due to a previously undisclosed clause.

Word of the wise, if your ordering airsoft parts or anything airsoft related. Give yourself a few weeks breathing room if possible. I find that mitigates the rage.

(Also I wanted to quote Joe Friday for some time now and figured this was a great opportunity. Sorry If my message was alittle "garbled".)


Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
Bitching about a "delay" just makes you sound like a whiney little kid.

If you review that statement a little closer, you will find that a vast majority of Airsofters often sound just like this from time to time. Myself included. Obviously you have experience with importing (as you stated) and he is only aware of his own perceptions as a customer, kicking him because he is dissatisfied with a service rendered is not going to accomplish much.

By your own admittance importing is a pain in the ass and Im sure you at some point have turned to a co-worker/employee/whatever and bitched about a delay or problem that was outside of your control.

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