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Originally Posted by ArcticFox1984 View Post
Excuse me?

The chance of the shipment getting seized is 0.

Using any perceived risk falsely as a guise to cover up your inability to ship something on time is not cool.

as for "backing my facts up" what do you honestly expect here... take my word for it?
You did not clearly state when it was in fact shipped, I ASSUMED that the shipping was in fact delayed however you did not explicit indicate that.

Im not defending them, just saying that more info was needed. No need to get upset man.

a knockoff RDS shouldn't get seized...but customs hold things all the time and then the process to release it starts. I know plenty of guys who ordered stuff (not the no-no stuff...just regular stuff) where it was held for further inspection, miscategorized, etc...

Indeed, customs usually only seizes massive shipments of counterfeit goods because it looks like they "stopping crime" but the laws and mechanics do exists to seize counterfeit goods that they believe infringe upon copyrighted goods, usually goods bearing trademarks or other counterfeit logo's (like a shipping container full of fake prada bags or some crap like that). Not saying that's going to happen, just saying that it is (theoretically anyway) possible.

In any case, delays suck.

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