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Alot of HK sites tend to take 2-3 days for processing. Ehobby is a little slower, but Ive never had trouble from them before.

Its quite possible that some of their staff are confused and not up to par on canadian law. With the clarification, I do agree that this was not a good move on their part. I highly doubt they will do anything about it, but really its not that uncommon for most HK retailers to do exactly what was stated above.

Dont kid yourself, WGC, Redwolf, UNCompany, Airsoft Global etc etc do EXACTLY the same thing.

Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
a knockoff RDS shouldn't get seized...but customs hold things all the time and then the process to release it starts. I know plenty of guys who ordered stuff (not the no-no stuff...just regular stuff) where it was held for further inspection, miscategorized, etc...
Customs does what Customs Wants.
Its up to the Importer to do the work to get it cleared up.

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