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Ok, what does the possibility of the shipment being seized at customs and Ehobby notifying you of this (however low) have anything to do with the turn around time of shipping.

If the item was shipped late and you paid for express shipping then state those facts and back them up.

Like the man said, "All we want are the facts, ma'am".. err sir?

*edit after reading last post*

Ok, well then email them back and demand recompense for express shipping, complaining on ASC is fine and dandy, but ultimately you have to be responsible for your own choices. If they refuse then your claim that their customer service in your happenstance was unsatisfactory, until such time try to view it from the perspective of them making sure that you where aware of any risks of seizure before proceeding with your order taking into account that they could not possibly know that you where already aware of any minor risks and formally educated on Canadian customs and import practice in relation to this scope.

Also bear in mind that the scope in question technically skirts the boarder on Canadian copyright laws and could in theory be seized should someone actually feel like doing so. (although the laws are weak they do exist).

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