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Ehobby asia: Full of @#$% or just Retarded?

I placed an order with ehobby asia 4 days ago and paid for express courier service ( 3-5 days shipping ).

After not receiving a shipping notice from ehobby all week; today at the end of their business day they sent me an email:

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your order. Because of the customs restriction, there is at a risk of seizure case with your items. In this case, we are unable to guarantee a successful delivery for your package.

DYTAC T-1 Red Dot Sight w/ KAC Style QD Mount (CNC)

So, did the fine employees at ehobby sustain a serious head injury, or start smoking crack?

Ehobby lost me as a customer with this one, seems like a petty stall tactic when a simple sorry would have sufficed.


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