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I've been monitoring this thread for a while now and I must add I do ship higher priced item insured. I have never lost an item by the hands of CP, and did not feel the need to ship this item insured and I understood all consequences going that route. All my larger packages unable to fit into a mail recepticle are NOT SAFE DROPPED and have the option of being picked up at the PO directly. The Electronic shipping tools on CP is a nice feature as one or two gun sales ended up being wandering off-forum and I had the option of choosing "Proof of Age (18+) Upon Delivery".

Originally Posted by CanadianBeast
Hey Lon, gun showed up just now. Sorry for the impatience, glad its overwith now, lol.

Thanks again for bearing with me,

--- Stephan S
Anyhoo this was the package, and in the end, Mr. CanadianBeast received his package undamaged and all is well.



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