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hey its been 5 days since im trying to order from velocity arms, i tried the EMT, at first i didn't really know how it works so i sand a email to "frank", never got a answer!!!! :s then i figure it out by my self reading... and now its been 3 day since i've send velocity arms a EMT, my bank said that the money have been sent .... never got a confirmation email from velocity, steel have "preparation in progress" statue when i check on the the site, i've sent a email right comments but steel no answer..... tried to find a phone number ... NOTHING! i feel like i've just trow away my money on the internet! pretty sad....
for a fist experience with velocity, all i have to say is "plz take care of your customers!! keep them inform!!!"
for now i'm steel pending on velocity web site hopping to se a status update or a email reply ....
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