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Ignore all the retards who are trying to police the Internet.

Chat with your teammates. Go with the same rifles/system that they have. Same mags, batteries, chargers, etc... That way you can help each other out with spare mags, batts, repair parts, gun-doc'ing. That's what teammates are for, right?

G&P are nice, so are King Arms. Classic Army's are ok. VFC's are really nicely built. They all need a good once over for reliability. Ask your teammates for help.

Avoid the Systema Revolution mechboxes.

BUT...if it were me. I'd get 2 PTWs. One shorter CQB sized and one carbine sized.
1. Different setups for different things
2. they're essentially "hot-swappable" if you blow the circuits or toast a cylinder.

I have no idea how much stuff costs down where you set a budget and work with that. If your team is tight with the sponsor (assuming an airsoft shop)...maybe they'll let you plunk down a chunk now and pay the balance off on in installments. Dunno.
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