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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
TC is correct in that AB will stop the motor as quickly as possible (freezing it) even in Full auto. I meant that AB in full auto wouldn't address the issue of fully completing a cycle in that the piston will freeze wherever it happens to be when power is cut in full auto. far as I can tell...the new SCU doesn't "see" the cycle as a PTW does. The PTW is based on optical sensors reading light through the little holes in the gear. The SCU has a micro switch that is essentially bumped by the cutoff more of a mechanical system.

I might be wrong on the SCU...I haven't fiddled with one myself...but that's what the guys say.
You are correct but the ASCU is not 100% free of gearbox lockups. I still get the odd lock when I try to use a low battery. This would be in the event that you can't hear the low charge double beep which is the ASCU double parking the motor. There is not piezo or speaker on the sensor, it's the freaking motor. lol. I also have gotten a lockup due to the actual board because there's a loose contact that I can't see or touch up with a soldering iron. It's been ghetto fixed for now until I can get the time to drill out the rivets on the heat sink and go through every component and joint.

But, an ASCU lockup is a simple fix since there's no AR latch. Pop the motor plate and screw it back down and you're back in action. Don't even have to fully remove the screws. The gears will unwind and release the piston.
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