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There are plenty of Americans on this forum as well as users from Japan, HK, The Philippines, The UK, Spain, Italy, even some of the Eastern Bloc countries. This forum pretty much doesn't stand for most of the bullshit that slides at Airsoft Forum so if you like it there then I'm going to say straight up this probably isn't the forum for you. If you don't like it at Airsoft Retreat or Arnies then this forum is also probably not for you.

And yeah... the PTW is the best out there, couple that with the "tackleberry mod" that I've been hearing about and you've got a gun that can kick some serious ass.

Seriously, if you're sponsored by a shop then let them outfit you and get advice/suggestions from your teammates. If you're inexperienced and are coming in as a friend or whatever you're saying then let them mentor you.

Right now you're pretty set for a G&P or a CA AR-15 derivative, and they make plenty so you have a lot to choose from.

Also internally don't aim to hit the field limits FPS wise or get as close to them as possible. There are players in the "300 club" (Stock TM guns run at 1J or 329 FPS on .20's or 295 on .25's) that run their guns pretty much bone stock and still kick ass. I'd say aim for 360-380 as thats what I've found to be the sweet spot. Don't forget to UPGRADE THE PLAYER NOT THE GUN either. It's a much better return on investment (just need to invest time to practise and get better) compared to totally rebuilding a gearbox from scratch ,especially being inexperienced and possibly fucking things up and breaking expensive aftermarket parts. If you're an engineer then you have a slightly better chance and might at least understand how things work and not break things as badly or screw up in the reassembly.

And just a little humour; The engineer says: "If it isn't broken, it doesn't have enough features yet". or "If it isn't broken, take it apart and fix it."
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