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Originally Posted by lukeseandavies View Post
Oh i have to have a parent to sign it? dam. Im travelling by myself to see my girlfriend. Thanks for all the help guys, If you have any questions about me or airsofting over here. Im happy to answer

Thanks for the fast reply guys
Didn't see that England part..... Sorry. But what I did say was true, players from SE Asia are in for a major shock when they get here.

Parent or LEGAL guardian (ie. godparents, aunt, uncle, if it's a daycamp or similar and your parents have given them permission to sign on your behalf then they can do it as well etc.). Also.... they don't really "know" if they're not a parent or aunt or uncle or anything but the letter of the law reads legal guardian however pretty much anyone can sign (except maybe an older brother or friend who's 18+ so don't make it obvious).

Anyways, other than that where exactly in England are you from? I'll be in Kent for a year so if you're in the area maybe we could hang out if I'm not too busy.
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