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Originally Posted by Spawn28 View Post
This is not a personal attack on anybody!Ya these clinics teach you about minimun engagement distances and alot of other valuble information but to be honest whats stopping a guy/girl with certs from breakin the rules. I for one dont wanna take the chance. Again this isnt a attack or me saying not to take it this is just one mans opinion.
Paul/Shado are pretty strict and serious about the consequences of violating the rules, disqualifying you from the list and in essence informing all the host to ban you from their games is one deterent, if there are issue swith a certain shooter you should contact/inform the host immediately. Rules are not perfect but they are there to ensure that all operators of high FPS BA/AEG have the requirement or safety knowledge of their weapons functions, safety engagement and mutual respect, if an operator is to be an ass then it's up to the host and you to do something about it
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