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Well all i can say is after my first year of sniping is Patience alot of it but if your a paitient guy like me all is good. As far as the clinics go if your green to sniping ya by all means take it. But for me and all the feilds i attend they arent manditory so i dont see a reason to take it. Besides and this is my personal opinion the certifications obtained by these clinics dont hold credit for me anyways the way i see it is why should one guy get shoot hotter just because he has a paper from someone i have never met or played with? This is not a personal attack on anybody!Ya these clinics teach you about minimun engagement distances and alot of other valuble information but to be honest whats stopping a guy/girl with certs from breakin the rules. I for one dont wanna take the chance. Again this isnt a attack or me saying not to take it this is just one mans opinion.
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