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The sniper clinic is a mandatory class if you want to play on most fields in Ontario as a sniper. It will help you with your gear and movements but it's main goal is SAFETY. I don't think anyone wants to be shot by a 500 fps rifle by someone who is 30 feet away. Make sure you have a working sidearm for targets within your minimum safe distance.

The clinic is not free but none of the money will be going to the instructors. It is paying for the Field and food if any is available. If anyone wants to attend a clinic they should PM Sha do and he will be able to tell you who the instructor is for your area.

Also. No one should be actively seeking head shots. If the target leaves you nothing but the head as a shot then it's fair game.

Do the research. Take the clinic. Above all... Be safe.

You are never surrounded or outnumbered... You're in a target rich environment!
Tresspassers will be shot... Survivers will be shot again!

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