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Other than the complete ripoff prices on shipping, Ive been very satisfied with the service from AS-C. My only beef with them is that I just dont see how 10$ in stamps (Via snailmail) justifies 90$ in shipping and handling when pretty much every other distributor/retailer from HK charges 1/2 the shipping (Via Parcelpost) from AS-C.
I do like some of the products you carry, and would order from them more often, however because the company determines shipping by item, it doesnt even make sense to do group orders anymore because it would cost me almost exponentially more for adding any items be it a small patch, or a backpack.

Because of this, unless they carry something exclusive that I cannot get from any other supplier, I will most likely take my business elsewhere. I say this as constructive critisizm for AS-C, in hopes that they will consider re-evaluating their method of generating shipping prices.

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