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Originally Posted by TK-604 View Post
This is my first time ordering from airsoft-club. This is what's been going on so far.

I ordered a vest, balaclava, gloves and gun sling on Aug 7th. My order STILL says "processing" even though my payment was made through paypal and was completed right away. I sent a message yesterday (Aug. 16) to see what was going on and they said the order will go out Aug 17th and gave me a tracking number. I checked the tracking number and it says "destination United Kingdom" .... I live in Vancouver Canada. I messaged back questioning this and they said they assure me they sent it right and maybe hongkong post made an error. I checked again today on the airsoft-club site and hongkong post and no change on either end.

It's been 10 days now. No package. No way of telling where it is or when it's going to be here or answer why it says "destination UK". I have been charged on my credit card for the items and I have a game coming up on the 29th... fun.

I'll keep you updated on what happens.

hopefully everything turns up for you.

whats the average time it should be in "processing" on the site??

i just put in a order for 4 things yesterday, total of around $100 with shipping, and i want to keep an eye on it so hopefully i get the package asap and not have to wait over a month for it or have any other problems.

obviously it still says processing for my account, but i figure maybe 2-3 business days and then it should be shipped.
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