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Originally Posted by Remylebeau View Post
If they're made in China, they're genrally a size larger than what you would wear in a running shoe.

If they're made in the U.S you're good to go.
Please don't respond if you are not knowledgeable about the question being asked.

@show_stopper: Each manufacturer has some differences in sizing, just like any industry. Generally your shoe size is a good starting point, but unlike what the above poster wrote, it cannot be depended on to be taken as gospel. Especially when you are ordering online (which I have a feeling you are, otherwise you would't be asking this) you want to make sure that you are going to get something that fits you.

Just in desert boots, my Original SWAT boots are 10 1/2's while I have a set of Converse in 11, and previously I've worn a set of issue US boots that were 10 (all in "wide" or "EE" width). That's a good range for a single set of feet.

When it comes to Canadian issue boots, there is a different "metric" sizing system that uses the length and width of your foot to come up with the size.
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