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Hello people
So today, i just got my AV and i was going through the classifieds kind of going through as many retailers as i could so i could kind of get a good idea of what I could get with my budget ($250-$350) for my first rifle. Then somehow i got onto the subject of compatibilities of AEG parts and so on.
So what i found out so far are that most m4 AEGs are based on the TMs and therefore should be compatible. However, clone brands dont always fit b/c of "tolerance" issues. However brands that have total uncompatibilities are Systema, ICS, and G&G. As for as i currently know, Systema uses its own mags, G&G internals are good buy externals are a no no, and ICS mech boxes are diff.
If you spot anything here that is wrong and needs correction, please do correct me. Thank you

Question time!!:
Now, for G&G AEG externals. If they're not compatible with other AEGs, are they compatible with any other brand? RS? Why and and which parts are not compatible? Do they use different threading for their delta rings, or use a different style of buffer tubes? Most Real Steal will fit on to GBBR's and some parts like Hand guards and maybe stocks would fit on an AEG but most AEG products differ from the Real Steal counter parts.

can GGBR m4s use m4 AEG pistol grips? (just curious) No GBBR use Real Steal Grips and proprietary stuff too.

Since im starting to get tired and lazy, could someone be a doll and make a list of clone companies that are notorious for tolerance issues? G&G as far as i know is TM Compatible with the m4 line, and most companies base the products to be TM Comp

Im also considering grabbing something full metal from CA's sportline. But whats really stopping me is people saying that the paint from CA metal bodies scratch off really easily. Is it really that bad? Like compared to an anodized piece of aluminum, how would it compare? CA is good but the wiring in the gun is crap and usually needs to be replaced i've own two myself so I can't say there a bad gun, but the gear box is nothing special.

i was thinking of getting a cheap L96 from outside Canada. I would ask the seller to keep the upper receiver and barrel and sending only the stock(im using it for a secret project XD). What im wondering is if the CBSA would seize it? Normally for any other rifle stock, im guessing they couldnt care less, but what im worried about is that b/c the stock has a little hole for a trigger, the CBSA might consider it as a receiver and decide to keep it and then do horrible things to it (the horror!!). Unfortunately you have to buy in Canada it's not worth the risk of getting black listed.

To bring this long post to its end, please do correct me. And if you do feel the urge to flame me in the process........well, i guess i cant do anything about that now can i?
And to those who took the precious time out of their lives to read my post and spread some wisdom here in the newbie tank, Thank you!
I hope this helps a bit.
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