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Newbie Questions and Tips of the Week - 08-17-2010

Here's a quick list of the repetitive newbie questions for the week. If you ask these questions you'll most likely have a bunch of guys slag you and drift off on some tangent about masturbation and you'll never get your answer.

1. Most AEGs come with a HiCap mag (hollow mag that you pour BBs into). It has a wheel at the bottom of it that needs to be wound up EVERY time you put it into your rifle, otherwise it won't feed BBs.

2. If you're working on your mechbox and take the cylinder out...the port always goes to the rear of the mechbox (except maybe the MP5K...can't remember).

3. If you buy something and THEN post up wondering if other people think they're good parts/things...what's the point? Why not ask first...then see if the comments affect your decision.

4. You might want a sniper...but a sniper is a person who snipes...a sniper rifle is the weapon a sniper uses. Sniping in airsoft may not be a lot of fun for newcomers to the game.

5. Ordering an airsoft gun from outside of Canada is still a no-no. Chances are that it'll get seized. Driving one back in the trunk of your car is a no-no...a note against your name on the governments records last a long time.

6. There is no way to skirt around the Age Verification system for this site to gain access to the classifieds/retailers (on this site). You MUST meet someone and show photo ID. It is NOT prepared to wait a couple of days/weeks. Other members WILL get infractions if they try to help someone get around the AV system.
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