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Good morning to everyone. I've played an airsoft match last saturday. I'm from La Prairie, near Montreal, and despite the fact I was completely dehydrated and had to drop 3/4 into the game, I still loved the experience.

Kudos to the people who organized the game, and all the people I met there (there were around 30 or so) Really a "noob friendly" crowd. I didn't feel out of place or anything. They took time to explain how the game played, how to work with an EAG, allowed me to test a few, and loaned me some additional gear even. I'm thinking, amongst others, of team N.A.P.K.I.N.S and Smokers, and a few others that had my back and vice-versa.

As a beginner, I was wondering where was the best place to ask opinions about different options for a starter EAG? I have looked around alot, and came to two options which seem to be available to me (one TM, one ARES). Just want to make the best choice.

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