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The BBs Shouldn't touch the silencer. Unless the silencer is installed wrong, there is no legitamet reason it that it would decrease power or accuracy. A simple way to trouble shoot and see if your silencer is in the way of the BB, is to take off the upper reciever and with the inner barrel still in, look through the barrel (opposite the muzzel) with the silencer on and off and see if there is andythin blocking the BBs path.

Redzaku, you're half right with the whole musket thing, but airsoft guns have hop-up which muskets do not the hop-up puts a spin on the BB, giving it both gyro-stabilization, and lift. So the BB travels straight(ish) and will go further than the normal balistic trajectory... Try shooting your gunsideways, or upside down. You won't be able to use your sites, but you can curve your shot arround trees, or nail someone behind low cover... DFA sucker!
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