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Tactical drone possibility

I saw this online today:

It is a small RC helicopter that is controlled via an iPhone. If it goes out of range it will hover at 6 meters. Says on a 11.1/1000 LiPo it gets 15 minutes of flight. It is equipped with a camera in the nose and a "down angle" camera.

The range is listed as 50 meters, hence the term I use "tactical". It would be for looking on the other side of a tree line or building.

The idea behind this could some day expanded, however, to a greater range so it could be a small battlefield drone. It leverages the iPhone and wifi for it's control probably to keep costs down. But the on-board processor with the "out of control" logic is what makes this a possibility for airsoft. You could transport it in a backpack and deploy it with minimal effort.

Again, good idea that will be better as it matures.

Oh, and in case anyone wants to go full out Predator, a friend of mine is flying one of these:
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