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its a shitty situation, but unfortunatly once it leaves his possession at the post office its your baby. i agree it sucks but if you didnt stipulate on insurace your reasponsibility. lots can happen between payment and delivery and the seller isnt reasponsible between then, ive had guns/ equipment break enroute before and whos to blame? not the seller and not you, but the courier. however as stated by bruce, if you dont insure it thats the risk you take the seller isnt reasponisble to pay for the extra insurance to ensure he gets to keep his payment, you pay for the shipping and insurance.

plus dont fret the package will turn up. ive had packages get lost, wind up provinces away, sit on counters under blankets, left in the vehicle, slide under seats, stacked behind other parcel - all sorts of wierd stuff and ive gotten them all in the end
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