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Originally Posted by CanadianBeast View Post
For all intensive purposes he has been good, and his reputation has been good. I just feel like this has been dragging on to long and now he's giving me the cold shoulder. I hope it can resolved.

As far as his commitment after being done when he ships it until there's a transfer of goods, the responsibility still dwells in the seller, (I know he didn't) but what if the person ships a box of rocks to some bogus address?

The original deal was $300 shipped, so no insurance was discussed unfortunately.
Sorry but to me it seems the transaction finished, you bought the item and he shipped it. You did not send him anything to confirm you wanted special shipping needs. He is not delivering it to you, it was put in the hands of another company and therefore the transaction finished on his end. It would be different if he was delivering it himself but his service was to sell and send you a gun, hes done that. CP was supposed to do their job and deliver it. For what ever reason it fell short there and you did not purchase insurance so your asking q to take responsibility for another company? You have to think about this realistically. + hes still talking to you, i've seen much worse cases in fact this doesn't even apply as 1 as far as the seller goes.
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