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Seller dispute "Qlong"

Hey guys and gals of ASC,

Iím in a situation in which I need some advice, back in July, "Qlong" or Qian Lang Jiang sold me an Echo 1 AK47 Tactical. The deal went pretty smoothly, I asked if he still had it available, offered a price, got a quick reply and sent the money the next day when I got his EMT info.

The package was sent July 15th as soon as he got my money. No problems right? The package arrives in Richmond BC on the 19th and all status updates freeze there for 3 weeks. I frantically call Canada Post almost every day for 3 weeks, finally on Aug 5th I get a phone call stating the package has been lost or stolen. Bummer, I go out the next day and purchase a gun from a local store.

Now, I'm sympathetic to both our loses, he's out a gun, I'm out $300, so we negotiate a price in which he'll compensate me for my loss, something fair because we're both out here. I'm told he'll EMT the money on Wednesday Aug 11th, deal. Wednesday rolls around and I get this

Originally Posted by Qlong
Hey Stephan, there appears to be some news of your gun lol, it's now in Montreal, would you mind waiting to see what happens?

Tracking number: 9397016893550009
Weird? Why would my package have traveled from Scarborough, to Richmond, BC, back to Ottawa and now Montreal? By this time, something stinks, I'm not believing what I'm seeing. My first thought is I'm been horn-swoggled. I contact Canada Post only to hear the same dribble I heard before, some problem with there scanners blah blah.

So I send a message to Qlong telling him that Canada Post has a buggy system, to which I get this reply

Originally Posted by Qlong
Hey Stephan, they said they will send a check for shipping, but nothing about $100 unless I missed something. I'll be calling them again to see why it's in the opposite side of the country.

As for the $170, I can't refund that to you if the original deal is still ongoing because what if the package ends up showing at your place?

Believe me, if it ends up really lost, I'll be out of more money than you. I'm just glad that the package still exists.

I'm outraged, all I could think was whether this guy was actually ripping me off! I trusted him more than a month ago with $300 of my hard-earned dollars and now he wants to feed me this BS? Did I not trust him with my money? Now he doesnt trust that we can resort any balances if the gun shows up on either end? So I sent him another message:

Originally Posted by CanadianBeast
Listen Lon, you have to understand I'm at the worse end of this deal, I'm out $300 and I don't have the item I paid for. While you're up MY $300 and only out the rifle.

The item has been lost for more than a month, I've been sympathetic to your loss while I should have outright got all my money back. The very least I should get half back so I'm not on the losing end. I've put a lot of faith on your reputation I read from on here, now you're gonna have to trust me that if the gun shows up some day on my end I will refund that $150.

Everyone at work has told me they would have gone to the authorities by now, I'm far more trusting than they are.

--- Stephan S
(I havent got a reply to this message, its been a day or two)

I've been out of airsoft for almost 6 years now, my last AK-47 got stolen from my house. This deal has also resulted in a stolen AK-47. Needless to say this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I dont blame Qlong for CPs incompetence, just the BS he's trying to pull right now.

The next step for me is to contact the authorities and try to get my money back that way, what does the ASC community think I should do? I think I've been pretty reasonable and patient for something that's taken a month to resolve.
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