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WE Hi-Capa with CO2 Mag?? Help!

Hello, so I bought a 5.1 WE Hi-Capa off of a friend of mine, thing needs a new piston but otherwise works great! I figured the CO2 mags are a bit less maintenance (aside from extra greasing in the gun) than charging the mag with propane all the time. So I ordered 2 CO2 magazines for the gun, now my gun-tech has told me that this will blow the internals of my hi-capa apart, I totally believe him because the guy is a genious, but considering I already ordered the mags, I will try and use them anyways as I make enough money to fix the gun if need be... Question:

Will it really blow my internals apart?? (Want a second opinion)

Anyone have any ideas of reinforcing the internals if the co2 really is over-powered?
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