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Brand name Mags for Diffrent brand name AEG

I got 5 KA metal mags brand new.
I just received a brand new VFC sopmod m4.

The mags go in, but they slide out...
as if the mag release aint working.

I put a thing layer of duct tape on the mag to it holds in, is this...good enough? it wont fall out, and you need to kind of really pull down with a little strength to get the mag out but it doesn't bother me. Anyone else got this "problem"? i see a lot of mags with tape on it though lol so its probably normal.

Also, the little pin at the end of the spring in the mags that push out the bbs come out when there's no more bbs. usually it stays in...
any way i can open metal mags and simply turn the spring? metal mags are different from plastic. Helps! thanks
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