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Originally Posted by Assault Pioneer View Post

just an unrelated question here but,

When you gotta go back to school?

(ps. grade 9 is the last year your gonna have to truly dick around, grade 10 you can a little bit too but not too much Sr. high is when you have to pay attention in class and party after, I did waay too much and it made grade 11 alot harder than it should be)
First off I'm 22 and a fully legal Canadian gun owner.

Secondly the Man lived in Saanch

Which has a by law that restricts the discharging of any kind of firearm including toys.

The part you want to read is

9. No person shall discharge an air gun or pellet gun
(a) in any park or in the areas outlined in heavy black line on Schedule A, or
(b) within 100 metres of a District park, trail or walkway, a highway, a place of
business, or any other place at or in which persons are assembled.
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