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If IF IF IF you are going to buy something like that for just shooting cans, do it in your basement.

If IF IF IF for some dumb reason you think you want to shoot outside, make sure all your neighbours (left, right, directly behind, and on the corners) know that it's a BB gun. Make sure you won't send ricochets off into other peoples yards. Talk with your neighbours before you do it. Don't shoot when there's people in those backyards. Don't run around waving it around. Don't shoot if there are pets around.

Basically, make sure you communicate with your neighbours so they don't think it's a real weapon, and keep the thing inside if other people are outside. Do NOT paint it. Leave it clear. Or paint it bright orange. The whole thing.

That said, I am in NO way recommending that as a course of action. In fact, like I said, you should be keeping this thing in your basement. But if you go dumb, try to limit the damage.

If you are thinking about getting into Airsoft as a sport/hobby do NOT buy this gun. Wait awhile, read up on what there is on the market, learn how to tinker and fix them, and come to a game or two as an observer and ask questions. If you ask nicely people will likely let you handle and test fire their weapons, which will infect you with the Airsoft Bug and you will be one of us... eventually.

Like I said, keep the fucking things indoor.

EDIT: Forgot about cities having no discharge bylaws for within city limits. Best not to take it out at all. Again, leave it inside.
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