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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
if you are moving to the states, sell your stuff here and buy it there for cheaper.

if you do take your guns down there, make sure to observe the local laws which may or may not require an orange flash hider. check with your friend before you go. that includes any states that you might pass through and get possibly checked/inspected. (more of a precaution than anything)
Some of you guys are so smart in Canada, wish even 1/10 of the new players down here were...

Coachster is absolutely right.

At the border have an orange tip on it, that is even if they ask. If they ask if you have a Firearm...say, "no", unless you really do. If you get inspected, let them know "as" they are going through your vehicle that you have a Toy Airsoft gun...then let them open the bag/case and see the orange tip on it.

When you get to your destination...take the tip off and put on a non-painted hider. In most Airsoft gun is considered a Firearm or a BB gun. Those items are not allowed to have an orange tip.

And if you move to Texas and you don't have have an Airsoft gun..the local community there will give you a UHC Super 9 until you do get one.
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