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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Legally in Canada you can carry around a long rifle in public too.

Just not a very good idea since you'll get people freaking out and someone calling the cops on you. Might be able to do it in a small town though.
A few years ago on Halloween, I carried a springer M4 (painted camo) whilst wearing full gear; the cops that drove by while I walked through downtown to my favourite pub didn't bat an eye. Then I helped do "security" at the door with the bouncer, demanding to see "papers"... Then, later, when I sat down to have a burger and beer, the bartender was more concerned about my Kabar than anything else (I let him keep it until I went home).

On the other hand, a couple of years ago someone went apeshit and called the cops when they saw a man with a gun across the street from a junior high school. All it was, was, a guy loading his rifle into the back of his truck before he went out into the bush. No charges laid (I think) but a big kerfuffle.

What does this have to do with the thread? Probably more than a discussion of the social norms of people of Chinese descent living in Canada.

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