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Guys easy on there.
I don't really think there's that big of a seperation between Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China people. I'm from Taiwan, first generation here. immigrated 10 years ago. Sure we can tell by the accent where you're from just like different English (American, British, Austrialian, Mainland Europe) I don't really notice the groups of people hanging together, than again, I speak to my friends in English even though both of us know fluent Madanrin (All of my chinese friend are from Northern China) and if you really want to ask, over half of my friends are born in Canada and about half are Caucasian.

The thing about Taiwan is that if you play with gun like a kid some mom is gonna yell at you for safety sakes (peoples eyes etc) if you're an adult, by yourself holding a T91 or T65KA2 people will panick, as that's the most common rifle available (All male have to go through 1 year of mandatory conscription, and they'll shoot those. My friend are still issued the old T65KA2 (sadly it was the same rifle my dad's squad are issued when he was conscripted 25 years ago) and that the actual soldier gets T91)

In Japan, there's no civilian ownership of weapon before Matthew Perry arrive at Japan ending the isolationism. As such airsoft aint that bad.

I'm sure in Swiss if you hang an airsoft rifle on your back (safety on, unloaded) no one will panick. The picture shown is an actuall Swiss SIG 550 issued assault rifle (select fire)

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