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Originally Posted by sushicake View Post
M4 mags are called "Stanag" mags.

Anyways the barrel I'm guessing is going to be pretty short on the KRISS seeing that they still got to put a hop-up in it and everything. It's probably not going to be a very successful gun all the CODMW2 kids will be drooling over it though.
I'm sure it wont interfere with the inner barrel. KWA would probably put the hop up system on top of the inner barrel, just like their MP7A1. So I'm guessing the inner barrel would be longer than the mp7 or maybe just as long as the MP7A1. Call of Duty MW2 needs to upgrade their gun facts on their guns anyways, such as the ACR where in the game it shoots just as weak as the M4 when you could put an AK caliber in it, same thing with the Kriss Vector in the game where its so inaccurate, when in real life its more accurate than a UMP and UMP in Call of Duty MW2 is so deadly and accurate.
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