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Originally Posted by Castle View Post
There's an old Chinese proverb about an emperor who had an ear infection. He called in a doc and the doc said it was potentially life threatening and only some really disgusting medicine and possibly amputating the ear would save him. The emperor didn't like that answer so he had the doc beheaded. Then he called in a 2nd doc who said the same thing, so the emperor had him beheaded too. The 3rd doc, having heard about the first two docs, said the ear was perfectly fine and that having a green ear must be a sign of divine rule yadda yadda yadda. The emperor was very pleased and rewarded the 3rd doc greatly.

A week later, the emperor was found dead.

*munches on popcorn*
+ fucking 1.

If your not gonna listen, and decide to break the law then GTFO from this board.
We do not tolerate or condone smuggling on ASC.

I dont give a shit if your from 2001, or from 2010. Smuggling is still smuggling. If you want to smuggle and just happen not to get caught, then so be it, keep that shit to yourself. Do not encourage others to smuggle.

Koflach, do whatever the hell you want. Far be it for me to tell you what to smuggle in. Just keep in mind another douchebag from BC was JUST busted for smuggling metal bodies in, said the exact same BS as you two and thought they knew better.

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