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Silent AND deadly!

after playing since late 2002, and committing wholeheartedly with my friends, the only issue I have had 2 issues with silencers {1} They're stuffed with too much foam, and obstructing the BBs path. {2} If the silencer is installed wrong and obstructing the BBs path.

I have had lots of different silencers slip through my hands over the years... personally I would go with a QD (Quick detach) system if you want to throw it on mid-game to snipe some one, and a screw-on if you're going to use it as a barrel shroud, or if you're going to leave it on permanently.

All of the Silencers that you would buy on line are, Or should be "mock" silencers. The reason? since they are 1:1 (or the same size as the real silencers) and many have trademarks of various silencer producer making them look like the real thing. In Many states (provinces, countries and kingdoms [did I leave anyone out?]) it is Illegal to have a Silencer with out a license. If it silences a real gun-even by 1db, then it is technically a silencer, and you can face criminal charges, fines, and jail time depending on the state, and the implications...

In my experience most "mock" silencers can easily be disassembled and stuffed with foam to quiet the 'POP' of the airsoft gun. I would advise doing this at your own risk...
having said that I have done it to both of the silencers I've owned, and helped my friends to do the same. an un-foamed out-of-the-box "silencer" will muffle the "POP" a little and mostly change the sound of the shot. obviously if used to hide a longer inner barrel it won't silence the shot. With foam inside the silencer it will make a dramatic difference to the "POP" and even subdue it altogether... there will still be the motor whine, and gearbox noise, which can't really be quieted much... From my experience a open-cell foam works best. even those green scotch-brite pads cut into doughnuts and stacked into columns onside the silencer. the idea is you want the air to expand into the foam and keep the blast of air behind the BB from reaching the end of the silencer... I have had no issues with any sort of hop-up or suction from the vacant space inside the silencer... I recommend that there be a 12mm hole through the foam so there is no obstruction for the BB. (unless you're really good at cutting and stacking the foam, then go for it!)

I like the QD silencers because that fits my stile of play. I Like to Blitz, and every now and then I want to take a shot from cover, with out blowing my cover. So on goes the silencer. If I need to hustle some where, it can come off making the gun shorter and more maneuverable...
with the screw-on ones I would see those as more of a permanent instillation. the 14mm CCW (Counter Clock Wise) thread is kinda a pain to screw on/off

The QD silencers weigh more, and some times have some slop in them causing them to droop. (blocking the path of the BB) If you go with a QD take a look at the ones that come with, or utilize a specific flash hider. such as the SCAR type silencer. this will solve the slop issue. the Gemtech halo silencer fits a number of flash hiders, and is very secure. but takes time to attach/take off... this type was the quickest that I've had:
but can have slop to it. It did work reasonably well with the stock TM P90 flash hider-though it did not lock completely.

I would also Recommend the "stubby" type of silencer. It's short so it doesn't completely silence the shot, but muffles it. It is also short enough to leave on. It will be enough to quiet your gun so that it will take your prey a couple of shots to figure out where you are...

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