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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Isn't this how it usually goes?

- New user/Older out of touch user comes on ASC and says he wants to do something stupid/illegal or asks where to get guns because he didn't read the FAQ's

- Less than kind people respond with information and ridicule them for not reading the FAQ

- User gets all butthurt about being told he's lazy for not doing the research

- Nicer people respond with softer words explaining things in words they can understand

- Noob turns to the nicer people and begs for a spoonfeeding

- Noob thanks the nicer people for spoonfeeding or understanding them and then makes a snarly comment about those that didn't

am I right?

You forgot the part where a newb becomes informed and then looks like a jackass flaming everyone right, left and center because they feel like they're the lynch pin in the ASC police force.

(I'm way past that point...I'm into the truthful sarcasm phase now)

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