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On my opinion TM is good but completly out dated (and don't talk about these EBBR with wuss recoil).

You have the "cheap" that have the price of a cheap but mechbox has good as major brands.
I have a MP5 PDW from CYMA on my table for maintenance and spring swap, had a marui SD6 a few days ago, CYMA is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy above.
Weights like an MP5 (and believe it or not, an MP5 is NOT a light weight SMG, daddy G3 made sure of it), feels like an MP5, takes 9.6 out of the box, mechbox greased like it should be, reinforced everywhere. This one is going to last long.

All brands are not like that but some should seriously not be called "cheap".

The one I trust (even power mod might be necessary) :
DBoys (not their AK though)
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