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Originally Posted by Thanh View Post
Tsquared, those rules are for the Newbie thread. This is in general.

Originally Posted by Thanh View Post
Echo 1 is a US dealer for Jing Gong product and is just a rebrand.
And no, Echo1 is not a US dealer for JG.
Once upon a time, Echo1 got their guns produced by a manufacturer in china, which happened to also make the same guns for JG. This saved them from having to do the R&D to clone the guns, and instead just buy them from the manufacturer. As of late, Echo1 has their own R&D Department, and has designed many guns/clones without JG. They are a completely seperate corporate entitity and in direct competition with JG. They are not the same company.

After reading your posts koflach, the attitude displayed was pretty shitty for someone asking for advice, the information you need is out there, and demanding spoonfeeds is not something we enjoy doing for something thats already been asked a thousand times on the boards. Especially with that attitude.

Originally Posted by Koflach View Post
I don't plan on smuggling a gun across, if anything I would be bringing parts across.
Originally Posted by Koflach View Post
Look, I just want to know if anyone sells the Echo1 product line, I did not come here to argue any semantics with you all.
If you had said that to me after asking for my help, I would have told you to fuck off. Internet or not, I dont tolerate that kinda attitude when spending my time to help someone else.

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