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Originally Posted by Koflach View Post
I wasn't insitsting on anything regarding importation, I was simply stating what I understood the importation laws to be and was asking for someone to help me get brought up to speed.

Also, how do you know that someone who asks a question on these boards has not tried researching their question? My initial question was not regarding importation laws, it was if any retailers in Canada carried a certain product. I researched it as best I could, even emailing a couple retailers and still do not have a satisfactory answer. Thus me asking my question here.

Once people started mentioning the potential legality issues surrounding bringing a reciever into Canada I asked what the laws were (as it was an active thread) and stated what my understanding of them were so that someone could see where I am coming from and try to be helpful. I guess I just asked the wrong people.

first bit highlighted: At no point did you do this you question was where to get an E-1 Sr-25 and if not you'd bring it across yourself in piece. had you actually asked exactly what you wrote there we would have happily helped you with no problem at all, but then you started to argue with us even though you've stated you know nothing of the import law's post 2001.

second: We know because you still arguing, had you actually searched and read and understood, it's very easy to understand, it's very obvious and in black and white of what you CAN and CAN'T do, you wouldn't be arguing because you'd have an understanding and the thhread would have shifted to other method's as they usually do when people read up on the import law's it's very easy to find and understand.
You also just contradicted the first part of your statement there get what your trying to say straight,

third: all you did was ask what's wrong, then you went on about what you did in the past and got lucky not actually speeking of any law you knew of. When we told you what was wrong you got sand in your vagina about it.

there ARE sr-25's in the classifieds, I'm looking at one RIGHT now on a seperate tab, it's a much better brand than Echo 1 (in fact E-1 often takes their gun's and rebrands them with their name) and it's only $650 and comes with 5 mag's.

You keep saying you've been searching and researching but you fit the classic profile of someone who just want's to be spoonfed with the answer's they want to hear, we see it all the time

THERE IS IN FACT AN OFFICIAL ECHO 1 DEALER IN CANADA, I've been there and held the gun's.
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Wow, best derailed thread, ever.
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Don't take weapons training from a book. It ranks right up there with people who think they know guns from watching a Chris Costa video.
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