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Originally Posted by Castle View Post
All the responses were quite pleasant, if a bit curt, until you started insisting on your outdated understanding of importation norms. You asked a question and people answered. Very few people are willing to help someone who's not willing to help themselves (in this case, helping yourself would mean reading the FAQs and getting up to speed).

I linked the relevant thread in my last post. Perhaps if you read it before asking, your questions will be better received. Or, you know, don't. That would give me an entertaining read at work in the form of this thread.
I wasn't insitsting on anything regarding importation, I was simply stating what I understood the importation laws to be and was asking for someone to help me get brought up to speed. At least now that I know that if someone asks something that people on this board deem to be common knowledge, it gives them free reign to be dicks.

Also, how do you know that someone who asks a question on these boards has not tried researching their question? My initial question was not regarding importation laws, it was if any retailers in Canada carried a certain product. I researched it as best I could, even emailing a couple retailers and still do not have a satisfactory answer. Thus me asking my question here.

Once people started mentioning the potential legality issues surrounding bringing a reciever into Canada I asked what the laws were (as it was an active thread) and stated what my understanding of them were so that someone could see where I am coming from and try to be helpful. I guess I just asked the wrong people.
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