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Originally Posted by Koflach View Post
wow, I can't belive the sheer amount of hating from people on this forum. yeah, I played a lot in the late 90's/early 2000's but up until this past weekend, I haven't played a single game nor kept up to date on any of the changes since around 2003. Does it really help by making fun of people who have a simple question to ask? no. why not just simply help to educate people rather than hating? What a warm welcome back.
All the responses were quite pleasant, if a bit curt, until you started insisting on your outdated understanding of importation norms. You asked a question and people answered. Very few people are willing to help someone who's not willing to help themselves (in this case, helping yourself would mean reading the FAQs and getting up to speed).

I linked the relevant thread in my last post. Perhaps if you read it before asking, your questions will be better received. Or, you know, don't. That would give me an entertaining read at work in the form of this thread.

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