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oh i'm sure that with enough ingenuity they can make a "kriss" in any calibre possible that utilizes that recoil redirection thingy. The magwell, barrel, bolt/extractor and a lot of the receiver will change but imagine the stopping power!

You're right it won't be a sub machinegun anymore. it would be an assault rifle at least. Why stop at 7.62 nato? Let's try 12 gauge, .50bmg, 20mm...or even 30mm!...then A SIX POUNDER!

a boy can dream can't he?

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1. It uses glock mags

2. It wouldn't be a sub-machine gun anymore

It's chambered for .45ACP. The only other caliber they will make in is .40S&W (Real Steel) which really doesn't mean anything in airsoft. Unless they made a 6 AND a 8mm bb version but highly unlikely since it's almost proprietary to Marushin (I say almost because even though I only heard of marushin using them, I know Madbull makes some)

Now if BBBs we're to make a 8mm, maybe we would go somewhere with this :P

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