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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Buy PDI upgrades for your VSR, it will never break again.
The reason it broke is because stock parts, especially clone parts, are VERY weak. PDI makes their stuff out of quality steel and stainless. Believe me, upgrading is expensive but very worth it.
We'd be happy to give you advice on what to get for upgrades, unfortunately there's no real "cheap" path to upgrading a sniper rifle. And I mean literally, there are like no cheap upgrade parts lol
Anyway, once upgraded you will not believe the range and accuracy you will get out of it! Way better than any M16 DMR could ever get
And on the cost vs time side, you only ever have to upgrade the sniper rifle once. AEG's break down, especially if you don't have a good gunsmith or you get lower end parts
I have to agree with Cactus on this one. If your into the sniper/scout role this is what you want to do.

Nicest post Cactus has ever posted.

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