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Distance of shooting

Hello guys,

i have done a search thru the forum but did not found a thread who answer my question !

I have bought a M4 and upgraded it a bit ( moto and inner barrel 6.03 Madbull )

Now i dont own a chrono as of right now so here is the test i made from home but i have no reference as it good or not.

From 25 feet on a soda can : '' semi '' = i damage the can but the BB do NOT penetrate the can. In '' auto '' the BB make some hole in and there. But its very very accurate ( i can aim the up or bottom af the can at will )

From 60 feet i can see my BB fall when arriving at the can, i still can hit the can anf make some damage but its not hard.

The question is ? is it normal for the BB to make there way down at 60 feet ?

Whats the '' normal '' distance you can make with a M$ and i mean '' normal'' or acceptable !

Thanks for taking the time to read my thread !
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