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You know.. if it's always too big a deal to do a delivery drive by and see if they are actually home before leaving the slip in the mail.. Then why not just not do it. I mean if they are really that lazy. I always get a slip at 9am with the "Attempted delivery" box checked.. It would be nice not to waste 20km's of gas in my f-150, and actually have the Courier come to my door and do his job. CP's website does say they MUST try our door first, no? But no, they insist on making everything convenient for us by just dropping that paper in the mail, and trekking all the back to the post office so we can go all the way there and all the way back just because a courier cant be bothered to walka few steps and press a doorbell.

That being said, what if other people in other jobs started to slack off and stop doing bits and pieces of their job description? Lets see..
"President Obama, Sir, Russia has just launched 3 war heads, heading to washington, new york, and PEI."
"Well.. Lets just go back to the bunker and pretend i did something to stop them."
"But sir, all we need to do is send 3 missiles at them.. Just give us the go ahead."
"But that would take a little bit more effort that im too lazy to give."
"But sir, it'd be convenient for everybody."
"What am i, a good CP worker?"

Well, that was a bad example, but you get the picture.

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