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my turn

this has happened to me now 3 times. I live in an apartment and for some reason they can't seem to figure out how to ring the god damn buzzer. And than instead of leaving a slip they MAIL a slip which usually takes an entire day to get there.

so the first time I chased the package around. The second time I managed to catch it before it left distro which is only open from 9am to noon... Not good for a graveyard worker like my self..

but the last time pissed me right off. I got up around 130pm and checked the tracking. It said out for delivery. So I called the post office asking if it was there or still on the truck. The lady told me they can't use tracking numbers and if my names not on a list its some place else. Than told me if its carded I can get it sunday.

so I called the 1800 number and she after 5 tries to get the tracking number right proceeded to tell me the same thing. So out of sheer luck I walked down to my drop box and looked outside. The canada post truck was just pulling away! So I ran after and he stopped. I asked if he had a package for me and he said, "sure do just get home?"... I told him I was home the whole time. He than just brushed it off and gave me the package.

now here is the fun part I ask "dont you want I'd? He says don't need it.... I said what about a sig as its sig required... He said nope... It says right on the god damn box it needs a sig.

so this guy technaclly just delivered what is a weapon to a random person with out even getting a sig.....
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